The Force led you to...>>the shadows

Welcome, Chummer!

Dare to enter the darkest depths of your soul?

(Sorry for that repetition, but ... it fits. Couldn't resist.)

For now, this mainly contains our archive of log files. Reminds me of times long passed. When we still had the time to play Shadowrun via IRC...



The LOGS! (Beware!)

Tandor 10_02_02Chaos Trip to Laramie (February 2002)
Cat1TThe Awakening (October 2001)
Neko+Cat1Visit of Nekogami @ Cat (Aftermath of "Lessons of Life")
Nekogami1TLessons of Life (July 2001)
LostJedi Fox1LLion's Claws and Phantom's Chance (November 2001)
Cash1LCzech Connection (September 2002)
Selene magmamacbeth.log Magma Macbeth: Boiling Mad in Scotland
kultszene.log DIE Kultszene aus Magma Macbeth

Smokin' Lost Jedi, 5.8.04